It’s hard to believe when you’re looking at this set of work by Korean artist Jee Young Lee, but in none of the dreamlike-world pieces she’s had any assistance from the digital tools we’re all to familiar with nowadays. Instead, these fantasy world are all handcrafted to perfection. Incredibly inspiring.

Apparently, today is the day of people spending excessive amounts of time in Photoshop to (re)create scenes with them in it. This morning, my friend Geert send me this link to a page with 39 situations that have been altered to include the “artist” himself.

It immediately reminded me of the “A Night Out with Kanye West” skit from Aziz Ansari, where he says: “We come inside this club, and he’s sitting there at this table with Jay-Z and all these models and stuff, and we did just not belong there. If you had a photo of that table you would have been like: who photoshopped those two dudes in there? That was a really good job!”.

Anyway, if you think some guy photoshopping himself into pictures of Drake working out was pretty incredible, think again. The real bomb was just dropped by this 14-year-old who created some of the most magical works of self-portraits I’ve seen. He literally transported himself into amazing sceneries that go beyond most people’s imagination and it is incredible. Check it out.

If you still have one of those older keyboards, it’s probably amongst the uglier things on your desk. No matter how much well-needed utility they provide, they’ve never scored well in the esthetics department.

Much like the MTA card project last year, an artist took it upon themselves to transform these monsters into something actually worth looking at. Detroit-born artist Sarah Frost disassembled tons of keyboards and made them into visually stunning installations. This totally belongs somewhere in a digitally minded agency. Just saying.

Incredible animation by Zhe Zhang. Random creative inspiration, it’s what this blog is all about.

Stunning images from Dutch artist Joel Tjintjelaar. Going beyond the mere output of his camera, he manipulates images to get to the amazing pieces of art as shown here. “A camera is just a piece of hardware with no mind, no soul, no artistry, just an object that records a situation, unbiased and emotionless. I’m not interested in the vision of a piece of hardware, I’m only interested in the vision of the artist with a mind and soul, who will alter the image to his reality. It’s the difference between photography and art.” Joel previously worked for BMW to present their 6-series concept coupe to the world.

Somewhere last year I posted about the intriguing 3D art works built completely from used NYC MetroCards by Thomas McKean. The card with its iconic yellow design usually doesn’t get much of an afterlife, instead ending up as trash and never to be seen again. Which is exactly why it’s so great that there are artists like McKean who acknowledge and appreciate the great creative opportunities that the card brings. A colleague just sent me another example of a second life for the many subway cards an average New Yorker goes through a year. This time it’s New York-based German artist Nina Boesch that took on the challenge to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. Her MetroCard collages portray anything from landmarks to celebrities, some of which are pretty spectacular (my favorite would be the portrait of Woody Allen – pictured). Check out the complete collection on the MetroCard Yourself website.

I know it pays the bills for some of us, but I’m pretty sure we don’t agree with 99% of the banner ads we so on the web every day. To fix that, a couple of top notch programmers launched a new tool called Meowbify. Using this new piece of cutting edge technology, you can visit any website without being bothered by those pesky ads. What you’ll see instead? Cats. Now that what I like to call meowsome.

The IKEA catalogue is an institution, but hey – IKEA isn’t going to act all superior about it. I mean, they know that your place isn’t cheap, so for them to just presume they can occupy 192 x 224mm of space for the catalogue – that would be a lot to ask. So this year, they are actually paying you for sacrificing some of that scarce space you have left in your apartment, in monthly rent checks. Clever.

Damien Hirst’s work has evoked some mixed feelings at best, but you got to hand it to him – this is pretty neat. Through Damien’s new website, visitors can follow him (or his assistants) work on his latest piece in real time. Tip: be sure to log on during UK office hours, since nights in the studio have been proven to be pretty uneventful.

Us telling you not to waste your time on watching viral videos? Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either. But in this case it’s for a good cause. So take a look at some of the best of the web, remixed and sign the petition.