Wacom launched a cool new digital sketch pen for artists called the Inkling which allows you to draw or sketch on any standard piece of paper and automatically have a digital version created.

“D-BROS Booooon!” are clever envelope designs. By pulling a small tab to get to the letter, the ripped portion forms a car exhaust gas cloud. Also included is a train and plane version.

Challenge the convention. That’s a short way of describing the  jewellery of Dutch designer Ted Noten. If you think Lady Gaga’s meat dress was experimental, well you haven’t seen Ted Noten’s meat bag.

Or check out all his other outrageous jewellery stuff out here.

Ooh, and if you want to see the designer life in action, see this video on YouTube: Dutch Profiles-Ted Noten.

The Japanese company Nendo designed the regular and boring computer mouse, to be more than just that. Come and meet your new Oppopet cat, dog, squirrel, pig or even your own whale. On top of that, the wireless mouse is a pet with benefits. Unplug the tail and there you have it: an USB stick.

Ooh, and last but not least: you don’t have to worry about allergies…..

Creative sketchbook designed by Sherwood Forlee features photos of “clean” New York walls instead of blank pages. Walls notebook allows you to draw on these inspirational backdrops. You can now become the street artist that you always wanted to be.

Books aren’t just for reading. At least, not if you look at these books of Isaac Salazar. Book origami, he calls it. So instead of putting your books on the bookshelf, maybe on the wall is a better alternative?

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Run on Firefox or tie your Twitter….More into Video Games or a huge Comic fan? Well, nothing is too crazy for these sneakers.

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Wild Animals is a wonderful self-published childrens book by Dutch graphic designer slash illustrator Rop van Mierlo. Must have for kids and adults too.